A big THANK YOU to the Greymeter Team!! It was a pleasure being associated with you and I am sure we will carry this association forward.

Neha Bajaj, Bharti SoftBank
Deeps Tools used Greymeter to find engineering solutions helpful for its business. We were pleasantly surprised by no. of innovative solutions we got and look forward to work with them again.

Rajdeep Jain, Deeps Tools Pvt. Ltd
Nothing feels better than using your skills to solve a real company problem. This is what I felt when I solved a CAD challenge at Greymeter. Plus, I also won rewards. YAY! :)

Shubham Akshat, IIT Delhi
 I would like to thank Greymeter for giving me such a wonderful job opportunity. I even did not know about the Bharti SoftBank before, but it was Greymeter who guided me properly. Work culture at BSB is great and far better than my expectations.

Rajneesh Mitharwal, IIT Patna

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